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International Primary Curriculum (IPC)

IPC Structure

Everything is based on clearly-defined learning goals or standards which lay out the subject, personal and international knowledge, skills and understandings children need at different stages of their primary or elementary school life.

Units of work provide practical activities which teachers can use in the classroom plus a wealth of other supportive information.  Each unit is structured to make sure that children’s learning experiences are as stimulating as possible.  Each Unit of Work begins with an Entry Point.  This is designed to set the scene for the children and grab their interest.  Each Unit of Work ends with an Exit Point which ties up the work they have done and includes an element of ‘action’.  This action is very important and aims to provide a sense of participation and empowerment.

We believe that learning is the most important event in any school and we want children to enjoy the learning that takes place through the IPC. 

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