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Year 2 Home Learning Videos

In this section you will be able to see the weekly video lessons by the year 2 teachers. Please see the resources in the Year 2 Home Learning tab to support your child's learning alongside these videos.




Mrs Staples activities

Summer 2 Week 1

Mrs Hales English lesson

Mrs Hales Maths lesson

Mrs Dunthorne's PSHCE lesson

Summer 2 Week 2

Mrs Dunthorne's English lesson

Mrs Westlake's Maths Lesson

Summer 2 Week 3

Mrs Hales English Lesson

Mrs Westlake's Maths Lesson

KS1 Year 2 3D shapes.MOV

Summer 2 Week 4

Mrs Dunthorn's Science Lesson

Mrs Westlake's English Lesson

Summer 2 Week 5

Mrs Hales English Lesson

Mrs Dunthorne's Maths Lesson

Mrs Hales Topic Lesson

Mrs Dunthorne

Mrs Dunthorne Science Lesson: The Moon

Mrs Hales: Planning and writing a story

Mrs Hales Maths Lesson

Mrs Dunthorne's PSHCE Lesson

Mrs Dunthorne's Maths Challenge: Dotty Six

Mrs Hales Computer Art: Pointillism

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