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Year 5 Curriculum Map

Autumn 1 - Space Scientists

We will be learning about Earth, the planet we all call home: its relationship with the Sun and Moon; what it is made of, and how our understanding of the solar system has changed over time. Is earth the best planet for human survival? Why? We will be scientists, historians, designers and artists to understand more about the planet where we live. What do you think makes our planet special?

The Great, Bold and Brave

The history of western civilisation begins with the Greeks and the Romans. Their expanding empires helped to spread ideas about architecture, food, entertainment, literature, science, medicine and politics across the globe. As their empires ended, other cultures rose to prominence, absorbing and passing on their own ideas and cultures – creating the world we know today.  

We will need to be historians, geographers, musicians and artists to investigate and develop our understanding of different historical civilisations and their impact on our world.

What were some of the biggest contributions of these civilisations? How do their legacies impact upon the world we live in today?

Roots, Shoots and Fruits

We will be learning about the life cycle of a plant following its journey from a seed to pollination, to fertilisation, to germination, to the growth and then back to seed again. We will become scientists as we investigate what plants need to grow well and the role that bees and butterflies play in plant life. As designers we will create our own devices to aid in sowing seeds in a way to support healthy growth. We will investigate questions such as:  What would happen if there were no insects in the world? What are the most important factors affecting seed germination and why do seeds need to be dispersed in different ways? 

The Holiday Show

We will be learning about our responsibilities as tourists, and the impact that our choice of holiday and travel destination can have on the human and physical environment. We will need to be geographers to compare and contrast countries as tourist destinations. What are the positive and negative impacts of tourism on different places in the world?

Being Human

We will be learning about the human body and how it works with a focus on taking care of one’s physical and mental health. We will need to be scientists as we research into the inner workings of the human body. We will also learn to be responsible for our health and wellbeing by knowing how to take care of ourselves at different stages in our lives. How does knowing your body and its inner workings help you to understand the connections between human behaviour, the choices we make and our health?

Applied Art

Art can often be seen as having the main purpose of pleasing the eye or being decorative. However, art is all around us and one particular type of art involves things we use in daily life, this is called applied art. It’s not difficult to understand that we prefer things we use every day to look nice and as not everybody likes the same style, the variety is endless. Applied art is the part of art that comes closest to design. How do we make something that looks nice, but is also functional and meets its purpose? What is more important, the way an object looks or the way it works? 

Music: Ensemble Playing And Composing

In this unit we will be learning about the music of American composer and conductor John Williams. We will listen to, move, keep a steady beat, play rhythm, and compose with some of his most iconic pieces of music. And we will be focusing on reflecting about the importance of music in films, how to play as an orchestra, the importance of a conductor, how to compose music for a story creating motifs for a character, emotions, or actions. 

ICT: Learning Critically Online

Access to information has never been so vast. People are bombarded with information as soon as they unlock their devices. (And sometimes when they don't!) Within this unit, learners will develop their critical research skills. They will become critical consumers - identifying fake news while becoming fact-checkers. Throughout this unit learners will develop their understanding of how the internet can and will be used to share misinformation or opinions and what techniques and tools help execute more effective research. 

Year 5 Curricular Targets

Please find attached the targets year 5 are working towards this year.  The work towards achieving these targets will be covered in school but you can also help your child by checking their homework and looking for evidence of their targets in what they do.  Also please ensure they read to an adult every night.

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