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Year 3 Curriculum Map

How Humans Work

We will be learning about the different functions of the human body, including how we see, hear, digest, breathe and move. We will also investigate how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and the effects of diet and exercise on the body.

We will need to be scientists, nutritionists and sports instructors in order to gain a deep understanding of how humans work. Have you ever considered how your body works?

And what does it really mean to be healthy?

Bright Sparks

We will be learning about electricity and its importance on our daily lives. Can you imagine how your life would be without electricity? As scientists we will investigate how electricity flows through wires and how switches work. Do you know that there are materials that don’t allow electricity to pass through them? We will also find out how electricity is produced in our countries and explore ways to save electricity. 

Shake It!

We will be learning about solids, liquids and gases and how things can change state. We will need to be scientists to investigate the chemistry of some cooking and preparation processes. We will use our knowledge to make butter, cheese, and milkshakes. What has cooking got to do with science? Do you have any idea of how to make butter?

Island Life

Geographers and explorers estimate that there are over one million islands on earth! In this unit, we will be learning about the islands of the world, how they are formed, what life is like on some islands, as well as some of the threats to people’s lives and their unique cultures. We will explore how islands range hugely in shape, size, location and climate but that they are all surrounded by water. We will need to be geographers and cartographers as well as artists and musicians. As almost one in ten people on earth live on an island, let’s explore what some islands are like across the globe! Can you imagine what life would be like to live on a small island?

Travel and Tourism

There are many reasons people travel, to see friends and family, to relax or to explore new places. Where would you really like to go? Why might people come to your host continent? We will need to be geographers as we explore the places people go, how they get there and the things they might see. Are you ready to explore our world? 

Scavengers and Settlers

We will be learning about how historians find out about the past civilisations and what clues we can uncover about the people that lived during different eras from the evidence that has been left behind. We will be historians and explore how early humans adapted and developed new skills in order to survive, as well as exploring the different settlements they created long ago.  We will also be finding out about our ancestors, who they were and what they did during three key eras: the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. Are our ancestors different to the people that live today? What is similar/different about our lives and the lives of the earliest humans?

ICT: Learning Effectively Online

There are many ways in which we use digital devices, networks and the internet – but do we know exactly how all these elements link together to create the connected world which we live in? 

Within this unit we will be gaining a deeper understanding of what the internet is, how it works and how we should use it both responsibly and effectively. We will deepen our understanding of how to be safe online and develop our awareness of what is real and what is fake on the internet.

Year 3 Curricular Targets

Please find attached the targets year 3 are working towards this year.  The work towards achieving these targets will be covered in school but you can also help your child by checking their homework and looking for evidence of their targets in what they do.  Also please ensure they read to an adult every night.

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