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The Pioneer Academy Trust Board is constituted to create robust and challenging governance across our schools, realising the ambitions and aspirations for high achievement.  Building on the excellence of the quality of governance, the Multi Academy Trust Board will bring synergy to the leadership, management and policy framework for all schools.

The Trust board will hold the Governing Bodies accountable.

The Board will meet termly and comprise: the Chair of Governos from each of the 6 schools, the CEO and up to 4 member appointees.

The Board has overall responsibility for the management and administration of The Pioneer Academy: the operations of all schools, with some responsibilities delegated to the Local Governing Bodies of the schools. The Local Governing Bodies are legally functioning committees of the Trustees Board. They will meet termly and have their own committees, looking after the standards, resources and buildings and premises.

The Board also has sub committees for Staff Disciplinary issues, Complaints and Appeals and Pupil Exclusions.


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