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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

For our entry Point, Year 6 became presenters and directors. After finding out about some of the world's islands, the children were invited to pick one island to focus on. They had to imagine they worked for the island's tourism board and were tasked with creating a commercial promoting their chosen island. The children did an amazing job and got us all in the 'holiday mood.'

You can see some of these commercials below...

Upcoming Year 6 Trips

We have a busy term ahead with many exciting trips and events planned. Please see key dates below:

  • Tuesday 7th March 2023 - KS2 Assessments Parents Meeting (9:30am and 5:00pm)
  • Thursday 16th March Shakespeare Performance (Rose Bruford College)
  • Tuesday 8th May 2023 - Friday 12th May 2023- End of KS2 SATs
  • Thursday 18th May 2023 - Chessington World of Adventures Trip (TBC)
  • Monday 12th June 2023 - Friday 16th June 2023 - My Week in China (daily 1 hour online sessions exploring Chinese language and Culture)​
  • Monday 10th July 2023 - Friday 14th July 2023 - Isle of Wight Residential Trip​

Our Learning

Our new topic this term is 'Earth as an Island' where we will be exploring islands from around the world including their features, climate and cultures. We will also be finding out why many islands are at threat and how geographical processes can cause their landscapes to change.

As Geographers we will:

•Use geographical terms to name and describe features of islands

•Explore how island cities have developed over time 

•Investigate how changes on earth and developments on islands are causing issues for island communities

•Consider the challenges when relocating island populations

•Discover how maps are organised

•Find out the climates on different islands and how this impacts life there.


In English this term we will be studying the famous tragedy 'Macbeth' by William Shakespeare. We will be covering a variety of writing genres using this text as a stimulus including newspaper reports, internal monologues and biographies. We will also be recapping key grammar terminology to support the children's preparation for end of year assessments.


We will continue to consolidate our arithmetic skills this term, practising strategies for using all four operations when calculating with whole numbers, fractions and decimals. We will also be applying our mathematical skills to solve problems involving ratio, algebra and units of measurement.

As Mathematicians we will:

•Convert between decimals, fractions and percentages

•Use algebra to identify rules and solve equations with missing values

•Understand how to convert between different units of measurement

•Find the area, perimeter and volume of shapes.

•Explore ratio and proportion



Each half term spellings are set and sent home for children to learn weekly. You can find our spellings below.  These are also avaliable on Google Classroom.

Topic Letters

Each half term the children begin a new topic.  Take a look below to see what we will be learning about.

Other Information

Year Six PE will be as follows:

6Turing – Monday & Friday

6Darwin – Monday & Friday

  • Homework will be set on a Wednesday and due in on the following Monday.
  • Spellings will be handed out on Friday and the children will be tested during the following week.
  • Children need to be reading at least three times a week and a comment recorded into their reading record every time they read.
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