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School Finances

As an Academy, Burnt Oak Junior School receives funding directly from the DfE via the EFA.

Exactly how much money the school receives from the DfE Capital Spending programme determined by a complicated formula, of which the most important part is the number of children in the school. An increase in the number of children enrolled would bring in more income, but also creates more costs (teachers, classrooms, materials, etc.).

Governors and school staff work together to implement the School Development Plan, which must contain realistic goals capable of being achieved with the financial resources available to the school.

Maintenance and Buildings

The school must pay for routine maintenance out of its own budget, but funds for major items (e.g. a new roof or floor), and any new building required, come from DfE Capital Spending programme.

Voluntary Funds

Funds raised voluntarily, mainly by any future PTA group would play an important role, especially in providing the school with much needed items of equipment such as computers, etc.

Many school trips and outings and some other activities cannot be financed out of the school's budget and parents are asked to make voluntary contributions. Without these the activities cannot take place.

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