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The Transition Journey

As we begin the journey of living with COVID, we are able to resume our normal procedures.  Please do contact us if there is anything you are unsure of and we can support you: admin@burntoak.bexley.sch.uk.

Step 1

Each year in May, Mr McManus and Mrs Graham begin the transition handover and arrangements are made for pupils and staff to make visits over the Summer Term; have discussions and begin the collaborative journey.

We are in a very fortunate position as the two schools belong to the same academy and collaborate to build on our relationship year on year so the change for the children isn't too daunting.

Visits to Chatsworth to meet the children during the Summer Term enables the teachers to get to know the children, see how they respond to their routines, how they interact etc. The Year 2 and 3 teachers spend as much time as they can discussing the children in advance of their arrival at Burnt Oak.

When a child is not from Chatsworth Infants, we would ask parents to talk with the Head Teacher and where possible share with us their child's latest school report; this will help us with background information prior to a start date.


Step 2

Year 2 children visit Burnt Oak during the Summer Term, in order to become familiar with the school so that they are comfortable in September, knowing the main areas of the school and familiarise themselves with the staff.

Sports day on our field and a treasure hunt in the school with the parents and carers for a fun exploration of the grounds is offered.  Finally, once teacher handovers have been completed, we invite the Year 2 children to join their new class teacher in their new classroom in the Year 3 setting.  During this visit, they will meet with their buddies for a playtime.

In July, a Year 2 parent introductory talk in the hall with Mrs Graham gives parents the information they need for the first few weeks of term, such as when the gates open, medical arrangements, lunch arrangements, end of day arrangements etc. We know if you feel confident about what is going to happen this will help discussions with your child so that they also feel confident about the transition.

This is often a time when parents are keen to get the uniform in order.  Visit Caseys schoolwear here to order or browse the collection.

Transition Documents

Step 3

On their first morning in year 3, your child will enter via the main gate (open from 8.35a.m and closes at 8.55a.m).  Their teachers will be waiting nearby each day that week to ensure they know where to go and see a familiar adult.  Please encourage your child to say goodbye to you at the gate and go onto the playground by themselves or with a friend as long as they feel comfortable.  The Year 3 children have their own area to line up in and they will be shown this by the Year 3 teachers.  Please use this as an opportunity to talk to the head teacher or other member of the leadership team when you see them at the gate, to share good news and compliments, or raise any questions that you may have.

In order to support the transition process, the year three teachers carefully plan the first two weeks’ teaching and learning with whole class inputs, small group work and outside learning to get to know the environment.  During this time the teachers and TAs will interact and build relationships with your child.

Some children settle quicker than others but after a few weeks the children are settled, enjoying the curriculum and are engaged in the new learning experience.

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