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Home Learning

Hello parents and carers, welcome to the Home Learning menu.

Please do:

  • Keep in mind 1:1 learning at home is much more intensive than 1:30 in class. 
  • Aim for a little each day, keep it varied and keep it fun. 
  • Follow their interests and see what they want to find out about as self learning opportunities. 
  • There is no right or wrong amount to be completed, it must be realistically manageable for you and your family. 
  • Above all, we want your children to feel safe and secure. 

We will pick up full-time learning when we get back to school.

Teachers are looking forward to hearing from the children via an email sent to admin FAO...class teacher.  We want to hear from your children and you about what they have been doing  and what they have been finding out about, or just say "Hi!" if that's all they they want to do.

Online access:

Please remember, if you are accessing DB primary, you must log in via the link here on the website.  Contact admin to liaise with Mr Barrett if this is tricky.


Each year group created resources when lockdown occurred and new learning opportunities will be added by Monday morning each week.

Homework books:

If your child has their Homework book at home, to save paper, they can just write the date and title and complete work in their book rather than printing the whole PDF document.  Alternatively they can use a notebook if they have one.  

Special Educational needs:

For assistance with Speech and Language resources, please see the attached link below:


Learning Everyday:

Daily Virtual lessons


BBC lessons


5 Maths lessons every week. Includes video, activities and answer sheets.


A range of resources


Online Safety:

During school closure we are aware that children may be spending more time than usual online. To support children's safety, LGFL will post advice updates to help parents.

e safe

Other links:

This link will take you to a bank of online resources:

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