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Trust Development Plan 2023 - 2026



All leaders, including Trustees and local Governors, understand their responsibility of keeping children and staff safe in schools

Safety Compliance

All TPA schools are graded as effective in all aspects of safeguarding - meeting all requirements of KCSIE

Health and Safety is compliant and meets all required regulations

Risk management is effective and meets all requirements of the Academy Trust Handbook

GDPR is compliant and meets all required regulations

Financial Security

All TPA schools strategically plan to be financially stable

Academy reserves are in line with TPA reserves policy

Academy growth is in line with the Business Plan



All pupils are positive and succeed in a supportive environment

All leaders to further enhance active wellbeing initiatives

High quality Continual Professional Development (CPD), including networking opportunities, underpins the ongoing development of all teaching staff, from Early Career Teachers (ECT) to Executive Leader

Human Resources

To reduce teacher turnover over a three-year period to ensure consistency of teaching and learning across all schools

All staff achieve the highest level of attendance and professionalism

Pioneering Projects

All schools provide a safe, stimulating learning environment, both indoors and outdoors

All children access all aspects of the Pioneer Passport

All TPA schools are focussing upon sustainability and are moving towards reducing their carbon footprint



Governance is effective at all levels

Continual development for all school leaders to improve outcomes for all children

Outstanding Education

All TPA schools (3 years +) are graded at least ‘Good’ by Ofsted and TPA internal inspections

All TPA schools (3 years +) are at National or above for Key Stage 2 (KS2) outcomes, with at least in line progress indicators.  All Key Stage 1 (KS1) outcomes and phonics scores match internal targets

Teaching and Learning (T&L) Inspections and SHL Reviews evidence that all teaching is at least Good by the effective use of the TPA teaching model in all schools (3 years +)

All TPA schools (3 years +) teach an inspiring and relevant curriculum

Behaviour and Attitudes

All pupils are engaged, resilient and enthusiastic

All TPA schools actively endeavour to stabilise pupil numbers

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