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Staff have a responsibility to be positive in their relationships with pupils and supportive of each other.

We have a responsibility to ensure every moment a child is in our school will be spent productively. Through thorough use of evidence we will enable all children to make excellent progress.

Our motto is â€œ... and the main thing is learning.” All members of staff aim to promote an extraordinary school day to develop independence and creativity.

We put children first.

Staff are prepared to go the extra mile to provide the best possible education for their pupils .Our aim should always be to provide for the pupils of our school what we would want for our own children.

We will maintain a relentless focus on raising standards of achievement so that all pupils have opportunities to achieve their full potential. We expect all staff to maintain the highest professional standards at all times.

“We feel passionately that supporting one or more schools is the right thing to do. The practice that makes you successful and helps your pupils to achieve their goals in life can help to improve the chances of more children in other schools. The taking of collective responsibility for the outcomes of more children than could ever enter a single school building is the manifestation of moral purpose and courageous leadership.”

Sir David Carter, National Schools Commissioner

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