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Lockdown 2 - January 2020

We are remote learning again... but this time with an even better offer! 

Each of you will have 3 live lessons per day, as well as 2 recorded lessons and your class story time.  You will still be studying the topics you were so excited for and your teachers will be avaliable all day to answer your questions.

As long as you have your Dojo log in, you can access all the other programmes via your password passport.  If you need your Dojo log in - give us a call so we can get you set up.

Don'f forget, lots of the materials from previous lockdowns are avaliabe below so if ever you want some extra learning just pick something that interests you.

You also have;  Bug Club, Mathletics, Times Table Rockstars and Purple Mash to keep you busy.  Have a look on you Password Passport on Dojo for your log in details or give us a call for a paper copy. 

Home Learning - Lockdown 1 - March 2020

There are lots of learning opportunities on your year group pages but here you will find whole school learning to keep you busy while we are away.  New packs will be added weekly so keep your eyes peeled.  The learning will also be emailed to you.  Dont forget we love to see you Tweet pictures @BroadmeadTPA or email them in to us at admin@broadmead.croydon.sch.uk.

Video lessons

Windrush Day 2020 (Monday 22nd June) - See Power Point and Song above

VE Day Challenge - see Powerpoint above

KS2 - Not sure what VE day is?  Check out Mrs Lewins VE day explanation and poem here - https://youtu.be/lpoMjGs4S_Y

Morse code with Miss MacPhee - https://youtu.be/G--GaIFA1Bc (You will need to look at the morse code challenge sheet below to complete this fun activity)


All year groups - Coach has a challenge for you! Can you beat his time?... https://youtu.be/SrYut54OutY

Ms Nyameke has an exersice challenge for you! - https://youtu.be/qo1Y4E7SzAo

Great news! - Our friends at Bfree sports are realeasing daily lessons! Click the link and use the password 'lessons' - https://www.bfreesports.co.uk/lesson 

Keystage 1 Science learning

KS1 science lesson - Floating and sinking with Mr Jones - https://youtu.be/sD3WPp8RcsY (resources below)

KS1 science lesson - Absorbency with Miss Perry - https://youtu.be/KFEqY6jrhFI (Recources below)

Keystage 2 Science learning

KS2 science lesson - 'Science Kitchen' - reversible and irreversible changes. (Please note boiling water is used in this experiment -DO NOT try at home unless you are with an adult.) - https://youtu.be/-7sed_9LLKs

KS2 explore vibrations - https://youtu.be/X0KAa_Kp5fA

KS2 - solid, liquid and gas - https://youtu.be/kb6YauxytTI

KS1 Maths learning

KS1 maths games with Mrs Knight - https://youtu.be/3C1uJvCukcg

KS1 coordinates - https://youtu.be/YYKg8JteM3M

EYFS - sharing equally - https://youtu.be/nWk0g4zhhNw

KS2 Maths learning

KS2 maths investigation with Ms Choo Fon - https://youtu.be/VWPoXiXnkgE

KS2 maths trick with Mrs Coffey - https://youtu.be/vHeEcqlyhZ0

KS2 using known multiplication facts - https://youtu.be/rJpCKqDp3go

KS2 - the 9x table - https://youtu.be/hcGtk2EXd1k

KS1 English

Reception - counting to 20 - https://youtu.be/8hsM6adEz_g

Story Writing with Miss Perry - https://youtu.be/ylHkM6J2vsk

KS1 writing  - The Broadmead Bear - with Ms T - https://youtu.be/ln8J_zKJC8M

KS1 mnemonics - https://youtu.be/rkO3n-jH4jU

KS1 phonic fun - https://youtu.be/HbpHzy4aKgM

KS1 Exploring compound words - https://youtu.be/tuaxIqyJ06M

KS2 English learning

KS2 descriptive writing with Ms Choo Fon - https://youtu.be/1ES_EvbDf8A

KS2 grammar dice games - https://youtu.be/wYY_NAflPec

KS2 use suspense in writing - https://youtu.be/NQyuLZLTjvo

KS2 Homophones - https://youtu.be/XGd_vovNoPM

KS2 History

KS2 Roman Roads with Mrs Coffey - https://youtu.be/Nw88DY9F_90

KS2 Geography

The Water Cycle - https://youtu.be/2yo8rqU0GWA

Countries and Continents part one - https://youtu.be/ZocqPkj0R60

Countries and continents part two - https://youtu.be/56F1vttQV6U

Active Planet lesson 1 - https://youtu.be/Ik7F-e1Qay4

Active Planet lesson 2 - https://youtu.be/y3H0Aj430ho

KS1 Geography

Mapping it out part 1 - https://youtu.be/oKBWE5wGQb0

Mapping it out part 2 - https://youtu.be/G2mnZhTBrrc

Mapping it out part 3 - https://youtu.be/Z3znp_4UP7k

KS1 Computing

KS1 algorithms - https://youtu.be/OFiy2I5xe1Q

KS2 Computing learning

KS2 computing - blogging on Purple Mash - https://youtu.be/KVC3o5l-3C0

Dancing algorithms - https://youtu.be/oX2qcHwNydY


Investigating pitch - https://youtu.be/ugRT4n5mwnA


KS1 art - learn to draw a lady bird and follow instructions with Ms Douglas - https://youtu.be/-1gYquW-5Lc

KS2 - using warm and cold colours part one -https://youtu.be/xlMxjogOwHI

KS2 - using warm and cold colours part 2 - https://youtu.be/Abyx_I913t0


KS2 - what is Hinduism? - https://youtu.be/j5T8CCNbF9E

KS2 - Hinduism part 2 - https://youtu.be/-uPyZSDdekg


KS2 - The ugly duckling - https://youtu.be/h-EO1ho3D48

KS2 - Family - https://youtu.be/lY3h4fFpz_Y


Watch this space for more content soon

White Rose Maths tasks

Fun activities

The Broadmead Bears weekend adventure - https://youtu.be/uyuDIwxhfnE

The Broadmead Bear celebrated British Sandwich week! -  https://youtu.be/syGxQUM0TQU

Learn to play 'Chopsticks' with Miss T!  https://youtu.be/wvTC6VA4eQk

Make an origami butterfly with Mrs Knight! - All you need is a piece of paper and maybe some pens or pencils to decorate! https://youtu.be/1JmUAok7Nok

Mrs Ward Miller has been experimenting with one of our 3D printers!  Can you guess what she is printing before the video gets to the end? https://youtu.be/t8incSt6a-4

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