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Welcome to Class Klee's page!

Our Classroom

Mrs Dunthorne is the class teacher for Class Klee and is closely supported by Mrs Davies and Mrs Staples. 

Take a look at the pictures of our class.

  • When are spellings sent home and tested?

    Spellings are sent home half termly. Each list is dated to make it clear which ones should be learnt. They are tested every Monday. Please note that scores are not sent home

  • When is homework set?

    Homework books will be sent home every Wednesday and should be returned to school the follwing Monday. Please can homework be completed in pencil.

  • When do Class Klee have PE?

    PE is every Thursday and Friday afternoon. Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school every day as this is subject to change. 

What will will be learning in Autumn 1?

In English, we will be learning to:

v  Write descriptive narratives  

v  Develop our spelling strategies, use of punctuation and grammar

v  Understand the features of a diary entry

v  Form our letters correctly (correct formation of ascenders and descenders)


In Maths, we will be learning to:

v  Add and subtract 10 from a given 2-digit number

v  Understand place value e.g. how many tens and ones a number has

v  Solve word problems

v  Count in 2s, 5s and 10s


In Science, we will be learning to:

v  Know the names and properties of a range of materials

v  Know about the uses of different materials

v  Be able to describe similarities and differences between materials

v  Be able to sort materials into groups according to their properties

v  Understand that the uses to which materials are put depend on their properties


In History, we will be learning to:

v  Be able to use key words and phrases relating to the passing of time

v  Be able to order events and objects into a sequence

v  Be able to identify differences between their own lives and those of people who have lived in the past

v  Be able to find out about aspects of the past from a range of sources of information


In Computing, we will be learning to:

v  Understand the importance of E-Safety

v  Practise using a digital camera

v  Edit and review photographs


In Art, we will be learning to:

v  Know about some of the forms used by artists in their work

v  Be able to use a variety of materials and processes

v  Be able to suggest ways of improving their own work

v  Be able to comment on works of art


In Music, we will be learning to:

v  Recognise and exploring ways in which sounds can be made, changed and organised

v  Compose a piece of music based on The Great Fire of London.


In Physical Education, we will be learning to:

v  Explore dodging techniques

v  Understand the rules of team games


In PSHCE, we will be learning to:

v  Develop our speaking and listening skills by expressing our own thoughts and opinions

v  Explore our new topic of- Great to Be Me


In RE we will be:

v  Exploring different faiths

v  Sharing our own ideas and opinions


Through this topic we will also be learning to develop an understanding of our wider world by:

v  Knowing about some of the similarities and differences between the lives of children

v  Working collaboratively with each other


Fire! Fire!

Our topic this half term is Fire! Fire! We will be learning all about The Great Fire of London.

The children did a fabulous job of their 17th Century houses over the summer and they have been used to create an impressive display in the Year 2 shared area. Thank you for your support with this project.

Back to 17th Century London!

We transported back to 17th Century London and became Thomas Farriner, complete with baker hats too!

We imagined we were reporters during The Great Fire of London and interviewed each other to find out more about what happened and how people, including Thomas Farriner, may have felt.

This helped us create some fantastic newspaper reports for our WOW writes that included catchy headlines, pictures with captions, facts and quotes.

Well done Class Klee!

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