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Burnt Oak Junior School Newsround and Buzz News

First News School Newspaper of the Year 2020: Innovative News Project Award

Newsround 1

Newsround 2

Media Crew

Buzz 1_Page_01
Buzz 2_Page_01
Buzz 3 (Christmas)_Page_01
Sports Report 1_Page_01(1)
Buzz 4_Page_01(2)
Buzz 5_Page_01(3)
Buzz Comic Squad 1_Page_1(2)
Sports Report 2_Page_01(2)
Buzz 6
Buzz 7 (Science)_Page_1(1)
Buzz 8_Page_01(1)
Year 6 Special (July 2019)_Page_01(1)
Buzz 9_Page_01(2)
Buzz 10_Page_01
Buzz! Voice of the children - Ed.11 (Feb 2020)_Page_01
Buzz! Voice of the children - Friday 1
Buzz! weekly articles
Buzz Ed.12(1)
Buzz! Voice of the children - Issue 13_Page_01(1)
PJ News Article
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